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Educating, inspiring and empowering women and girls across the globe to know their worth.

Love-bombs from our sparkly customers

  • "They arrived. They were wrapped in beautiful, thoughtful wrapping, with a hand written note. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I had high expectations, they did not let me down. They are gorgeous, thick luxurious card, with colours and images that pop and because the card feels so thick, it feels solid, and this translates into the words that are spread lovingly across every single card. I can see the love and glitter that has gone into these beauties. I was so excited, I shared it with those at my networking function today, forty women who all need to hear the message “I am worthy” over and over again, in the hope that those words seep through to each woman’s heart and her self belief grows. These cards are powerful. They are the images of women, with unique characteristics, women who are strong or brave or fierce. Women that feel like you and me. There are 32 women to sift through in the pack. What a gift to myself and what a gift to anyone who also gets their hands on them. Just beautiful. Farah, I can see you through all of the cards, your soul shining through each card. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product with a meaning that will stay with people long after they put the card back in the deck."

    Emma - Emma McQueen

  • "Opening my package was an experience in itself! Seeing the cards online is one thing, until you are actually holding them in your hands & feeling the softness. They are beautiful and very lux. Thank you for my little gifts I love them too & the card was an unexpected surprise! I have been privileged to see sneak peaks and hear about your Affirmation cards from the ground up, and have seen how much time and effort that you have put into them, it's exciting to see it come full circle. Amazing job!"

    Darlene - Joepat Fashion Accessories

  • "The Worthy Women Affirmation Cards - they feel so nice in my hands and they're so beautifully designed and defined. I love sitting down in the morning, spreading out the cards, and before drawing one, tuning into myself, to my aspirations for the day, listening to my inner voice. It feels at once so universal and grounding. It is a great set of cards for a woman who needs a little encouragement to believe that the universe needs her to be just the very best version of herself we all know she already is. Farah you're a blessing to supporting women to see their self worth!"

    Julie - Cocoon Business Solutions