Have you ever thought to yourself… “I need a little ‘Dutch courage’ before I hit the dance floor” or “If I had that new dress to wear, I would feel more confident,” or have you tried to find other external ways to give you confidence?

Here’s a top secret that I want to share with you… Confidence comes from within! Yes, that's right, you already have all the confidence, all the courage and all the power right there inside of you! It is your birthright! It was gifted to you at birth. No one, and nothing can take it away from you! 

However, like our self-worth, confidence can be buried amongst the rubble of hardship, adversity, anxiety and difficult times that life throws our way. 

Each new day is a gift, a gift of time for you to go on a treasure hunt to discover your hidden treasures within. Make time in each day to uncover your superpowers…. Discover your values and your purpose. 

Let’s start today with confidence! Where does your confidence dwell? Is it hidden behind a trauma experienced as a young child? Did somebody bully you at school? Were you laughed at and teased? Did someone you love try to tell you that you weren't good enough? 

Take a moment to meditate, allow your thoughts and feelings to flow through you. Don't judge yourself, or others, just allow it all to flow until the feelings pass. Be safe in the knowledge that moment in time has passed, and you are now stronger and wiser. You are safe. 

Reassure your inner child that she is enough… more than enough. She is loved. She is strong! She is capable! She has risen above those tough times and has an abundant future filled with every hope and dream she’s ever had. 

Dig a little deeper… there it is, a diamond in the rough, ready to sparkle. Ready to dance in the light. Ready to shine bright… Your birthright! YOUR confidence!


You are worthy of this superpower!

You are worthy to feel confident!

You are worthy to be confident! 




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    Loved reading this, thank you Farah!

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