Discover the power of our Worthy Woman affirmation cards

The Worthy Woman Affirmation Cards are a way to embed rituals and routines into your life, to show yourself love and kindness with luxury - you are worthy!

These are a collection of 32 beautifully illustrated cards that celebrate an individual Worthy Woman value that already is a special part of who you are, gifted to you at birth. They were made for you! You are a Worthy Woman, and every one of these cards is a daily reminder to know your worth.

I created this collection to awaken your authentic sparkly self, to evoke the essence of the powerful woman that you are, and to guide you to know and love that woman wholeheartedly…to know who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to say with passion and purpose. 

They share exercises, activities, journalling prompts and strategies to help you retrain and reframe your thoughts and see your worth. They are simply stunning, no doubt about it, and to simply hold them feels like an indulgence. When you incorporate them into your daily life?

They become magical. Transformational. 

Live your values, embrace your innate strength, and build your best self…one card at a time.

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