Meet our founder

What is self-worth? Are we born with it? How do we lose it? How do we rediscover it? These very questions are the inspiration behind The Self-Worth Movement. But first…

I am Farah Mak. I’m an actor, presenter and writer. I live in beautiful Melbourne with my husband, four children and three fur-babies.

Some would say I am a sparkly, glittery, eternal-optimist and positive changemaker, that I’m someone who sees the world through rose-coloured glasses. I’m told I am a joy to be around, that I lead with strength, grace and integrity and that I live a life aligned to my unique talents and gifts, secure in the knowledge of my own innate worth. That’s all true, but it wasn’t always that way.

Self-worth can be eroded by many things; trauma, abandonment, bullying, sickness, grief, financial pressure, stress, anxiety, and so much more. Life can throw obstacles, challenges and adversity at us from every direction- and it does! When self-worth is damaged, we experience imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fear, shame and bitterness. Above all this? It prevents us from becoming who we are, our authentic selves. That’s where I found myself many years ago as a domestic violence survivor.

Self-worth is intrinsic, but can become buried when we don’t take care of it and when our self-belief feels in tatters. My road to self-validation and to rediscover my sense of worth was not easy, I simply can’t deny that, but it was so worth it- as am I! Regaining my self-worth was transformational. It helped me achieve my hopes and dreams, push past my doubts and fears and become my most sparkly self.

Today, I choose faith over fear and live with courage and conviction. I’m on a mission to inspire, empower and educate women and girls worldwide to know who they are, what they stand for and what they want to say.

Bottom line: I want you to be BeYOUtiful and to believe in yourself. You have everything you need within to achieve whatever you put your mind to.

The Self-Worth Movement embodies this philosophy. Our range of premium, deluxe products and tools will help you unleash your incredible power within and enable you to shine your bright light into the world as a positive change-maker. Together, we can create a ripple effect through the universe with love, purpose and passion.

I encourage you to join the journey and become a special part of The Self-Worth Movement sparkle squad.

Sparkle and shine!

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