The Mid-Year Reset

Oh my GLITTERBOMB! We are half-way through 2021! This year has totally flown by and it’s been hard to find the time and energy to stop, breathe, reflect and reset – SO, a mid-year review is the perfect reason to set aside your to-do list and focus on yourself! 

Our team at The Self-Worth Movement team have even found it difficult to prioritise the little things in all of the hustle and bustle of life. But it’s important to not get down on yourself about it, and instead focus on how you can bring those soul-fulfilling habits back into your daily routine. 

A big reset and review can be the activity you need to spark that love for all things self-care, organisation, and deep-diving into your wellbeing. 

What is a Mid-Year Reset?

The first-half of the year often looks very different to the second! We found that the ‘new year feeling’ motivates and inspires us to be the best we can be in our personal and professional lives, but by the half-way mark that fresh new feeling can fade. 

So, we LOVE to do the ‘new year routine’ half-way through! With just a few modifications…

Here is how we suggest doing it: 


If you don’t lock in the time for this reset, it will most likely slip through the cracks and before you know it, it’s almost September and you’ve been sucked back into the hustle and bustle. Book an appointment with yourself and view it as an important meeting with a client that you can-simply-not reschedule. 

Nothing (and we really mean NOTHING) is more important than your self-care! 


Remember those goals you set at the beginning of the year? It’s time to pull those back out and reflect on them! 

Are you still aligned with them? If not, why? What has changed and what can you change your goals to?

What have you done in the past 6 months to help you achieve your goals? What can you do in the next 6 months to achieve/help you achieve your goals? 

Have you achieved one or more of your goals? How did it make you feel? What was the process like and was that goal as beneficial as you’d hoped it would be?

Other areas you can review and reflect on is: 

  • Your moods and what was affecting them
  • Highlights and lowlights of the 6 months 
  • Things you loved doing and things you didn’t love doing
  • New habits you may have picked up
  • What do you want to be the same for the next 6 months? What do you want to change for the next 6 months? 


Take a look at your space – it can be the office, the bedroom, the kitchen, the entire house…eek!

Is it as organised as you would like it to be? Well, now is the time to refresh that space and make it a place of functionality, serenity, productivity – whatever you need that space to be! *Hint Hint* to get you a little more excited, this is a perfect excuse to do a bit of a shopping trip! Oh, your office is looking a bit dull? Off to Bunnings you go to pick up a new plant-baby! 


This might be the most important one because NOTHING is gonna help you kick off the second-half of the year better than resetting your mind and body! 

When you book that appointment for yourself, make sure you include the relaxation time at the end of it all. Run a bubble bath or turn on the electric blanket and climb into bed to watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Pour a beverage of your choice and...relax. 

You deserve it. 

Download our Mid-Year Reset Resource here.

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