The covid-19 pandemic in 2020, a time of adversity that was felt world-wide, unveiled the need for people to know their self-worth more than ever. In times of crisis and of challenge, our internal resources of resilience and hope are what we lean on to get through.

What happens when our stores are depleted, when our sense of self-worth feels lost to us? Farah Mak recognised the need to empower people to know their true worth, and so founded The Self-Worth Movement.



The Self-Worth Movement as a concept arose from one of Farah’s original poems, She Shines. She Shines has since been adapted into a short film which is currently in pre-production, lead by a stellar female creative team to bring this beautiful love story to fruition as a powerful resource to educate, inspire and empower women and girls around the world on self-worth. She Shines tells a story about a woman who searches to find her true self, to remind her that she is worthy.



She Shines and The Self-Worth Movement share the core message that self-worth is more valuable than net worth, and stands above everything else. Beyond the short film as a resource, our beautiful product range is now available including our Worthy Woman luxe affirmation cards, tools to support self-care with sleep masks, scrunchies, workshops and more.


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