What are the Roadblocks to Self-Worth?

Is the journey to worthy an easy one? No, it’s not. Is it worth it? OH MY HEART…YES, IT IS!

Throughout my lifetime I have experienced waves of adversity that have slowly and discreetly corroded my self-worth. These have come in many different forms; watching my parents have a dysfunctional relationship followed by a marriage breakdown, being bullied at school, surrounding myself with toxic people and unhealthy friendships. The pivotal moment in time of ‘losing myself’ was when my voyage brought an unexpected tsunami in the shape of an abusive relationship. This relationship completely eroded my sense of self-worth and stripped me bare to feel like an empty shell floating aimlessly in a lonely sea.

There doesn't need to be a major trauma for our self-worth to be negatively impacted. Little moments in time can sneak up on us like stealthy self-worth-stealing ninjas, who’s entire mission is to bring you down. Are you currently comparing yourself to others? Is that niggling little ‘Negative Nancy’ inner critic voice in your head getting louder? Are you constantly finding yourself saying, “I’m sorry” for no real reason? Are you truly listening to your intuition?

These are roadblocks to strong self-worth, which also present as symptoms of low self-worth. Other signs to look out for include; people pleasing, always putting others needs before your own, not standing up for yourself, surrounding yourself with negative people, giving in to your fears, living in a constant state of overwhelm, being “too busy” for self-care, saying; “yes” to everything and everyone - even when you know it’s not the right choice for you, constantly seeking acceptance and searching for validation in all the wrong places, not accepting compliments, and always aiming for perfection.

The GOOD news and ultimate truth bomb is… your self-worth belongs to YOU! It is your intrinsic superpower, gifted to you at birth. No one, and nothing can take it away from you! We have discussed the things that can chip away at it, but what I want you to focus on are the things that can RE-BUILD your worth! Yes, your self-worth superpower has the healing ability to rejuvenate and renew itself to be stronger and sparklier than ever before!

Here are some ways to bring back your magic, and add an extra sparkly spring in your step as you build on your self-worth…

  • Set clear boundaries and stand by them.
  • Accept compliments.
  • Say; ‘no’ with confidence and kindness.
  • Discover your values - write down your top 3 values and bring them into every decision you make.
  • Make time every day for self-care. Yep, every day! Even if it is only 5 minutes.
  • Treat yourself to a pamper day with a relaxing massage or facial…you’re worthy!
  • Learn to listen to the whisper of your soul and calm the “Negative Nancy” inner critic.
  • Meditate.
  • Exercise.

Surround yourself with positive people. I’m talking ONLY people who make your soul sing and spirit sparkle! People who keep you accountable to your goals and support you to bring your dreams to fruition. Kind people who always have your best interests at heart. Authentic people who make you shine! 

Practice positive affirmations daily. Our Worthy Woman affirmation cards are a powerful way to enhance your inner strengths and help you shine bright like the beautiful diamond that you are!

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  • Posted by Helen Hunter on

    My up and down journey has been a struggle my whole life. Physical abuse as a child changes it all and your self worth is in the gutter for most of it. Only in my sixties can I like myself and work on my self worth. The affirmation cards have helped me a lot.

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