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Farah Mak

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Farah Mak is an entrepreneur, actor, television presenter, speaker, author, and passionate advocate for women empowerment, supporting women to enhance their confidence, improve their communication skills and achieve their goals, all through the power of cultivating self-worth.

In 2020 Farah founded The Self-Worth Movement, a social enterprise on a global mission to educate, inspire and empower women and girls to know exactly who they are, what they stand for and what they want to say.

The Self-Worth Movement, with Farah at the helm, has a thriving community of over 12,000 loyal and engaged glitterbombs across multiple social media platforms. Farah has become a self-worth symbol and has shown her ability to inspire and facilitate authentic connection via compassion, conviction, passion, and purpose...with just the right amount of sparkle! Farah works with both individuals, schools and leadership teams across Australia to achieve their aspirations—professionally and personally—through the power of activating self-worth.

Her acting, presenting skills and expertise make Farah a popular and respected facilitator, a captivating storyteller and presenter. Her keynote addresses on the link between performance and self-worth are praised for their unique blend of motivational, yet highly practical. Farah’s insightful, enthusiastic and intuitive approach shares the essential tools to build your authentic sparkly-self and embrace the challenges of life without compromising self-worth!

A popular and engaging speaker and presenter, Farah is renowned for blending professionalism with sparkle-factor, practical with warmth and creativity with savviness. She’s a survivor and a thriver, a mama to four and believes wholeheartedly in the power of glitter — both literal and metaphorical — to uplift, inspire and empower people to get their own sparkle on, and step into their self-worth.


Areas of expertise or insights:


  • Self-worth cultivation
  • Stepping into your power – personally and professionally
  • An introduction to affirmations and how to use them to cultivate your self-worth
  • How does self-worth enhance productivity & cultivate confidence in the corporate world?
  • Enhance the art of storytelling with confidence, courage and conviction through presentation and public speaking skills Challenging your thoughts and habits
  • Why is having values, as well as understanding and prioritising them, so important in maintaining a strong sense of self-worth?
  • Women in the workplace and women in the household

Available for:

  • Facilitated workshops Keynote speeches
  • Q&A panels
  • Interviews – live and/or filmed





"From the moment you meet Farah, it’s not hard to be absorbed into her world of glitter, self-worth and positivity. But don’t be fooled by just the sparkle, pretty pinks and fabulous clothes, this woman means business and is here to change the game and knows it isn’t always rainbow’s and sparkle. Farah speaks with passion, knowledge, evidence and inspiration and was able to enthral an entire audience of women from a range of generations at a recent Ferrari Melbourne Ladies Luncheon about finding “you” and helping women to feel empowered and gain stronger self-worth in their lives.
Farah is well educated and speaks with grace, patience and understanding and was able to tailor her content to her audience exceptionally. Farah was easy to work with, nothing was an issue and was able to problem solve of find creative outcomes for all elements of the event.
As a young woman myself,  I immediately found Farah inspiring and wanted to know more about her journey. Farah’s energy is contagious, and she speaks to everyone from my personal experience as if they are an old friend and with respect and compassion. After spending 10 minutes with Farah you truly believe you can take on the world, with one Fendi foot in front of the other at a time. I greatly look forward to working with Farah for years to come."

— Isabella Kerr: Marketing, Manager Ferrari 

"Farah was great from the moment you put us in contact. Very prompt in her replies, friendly and professional. She was easy to talk to, accommodated all my needs and requests – Just great. She text and emailed me all the way through the lead up to the event, she attended our rehearsal and she was well on time on the night. She dressed appropriately for my theme and she was so professional and fun throughout her MC duties. Great speaker – very confident and natural. When we sat for dinner she was friendly with everyone at the table, she came and spoke to me to make sure I was ready to go each time we resumed after food….I honestly can’t rate her high enough. And I am extremely grateful to you for putting us into contact and for suggesting her as my MC. Thank you!”

— Jessica Tatt: HSEQ

 “Receiving my affirmation cards was such a beautiful experience! From the way you addressed the package, to the beautiful handwritten note, to the stunning wrapping! Just wonderful and so appreciated.

Last week these cards gave me such a boost of confidence and self-belief while I went through the final stage of interviews for a promotion, it was wonderful! Got the job too, so it must have shown!”

­­– Felicity Worthington: A Valued Customer

“These cards are powerful. They are the images of women, with unique characteristics, women who are strong or brave or fierce. Women that feel like you and me.

What a gift to myself and what a gift to anyone who also gets their hands on them. Just beautiful. Farah, I can see you through all of the cards, your soul shining through each card. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product with a meaning that will stay with people long after they put the card back in the deck.”

– Emma McQueen: Business Coach